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Book Five: Ocean, which is part of the "Mystery of Aaravos", is the fifth season of The Dragon Prince, and consists of a total of 9 episodes. It is the second season of the second saga of the series, and gains its name from the Ocean Primal. It was released for streaming on Netflix in July 22nd, 2023.

The story takes place after the events of Book Four: Earth.

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Following their escape from Umber Tor and with the map to Aaravos's prison in Claudia's hands, Team Zym and Zubeia continue their quest to prevent Aaravos's inevitable return by seeking out the aid of Domina Profundis, the Archdragon of the Ocean, with Claudia, Viren, and Terry racing forward.


1. "Domina Profundis" 37
DominaProfundisEpisode While Ezran awaits an audience with the Archdragon of the Ocean, Rayla hunts for answers about her parents, and Callum hits a roadblock in his research.
2. "Old Wounds" 38
OldWounds Worried by Claudia's relentless pace, Terry dreams up a creative solution. Rayla and Callum set out for Lux Aurea. Ezran prepares to address the dragons.
3. "Nightmares & Revelations" 39
Nightmares&Revelations Callum and Rayla arrive in Xadia to find royal wedding planning in full swing. Claudia and Terry make their way down the river while Viren sleeps on.
4. "The Great Bookery" 40
TheGreatBookery As Callum scours Lux Aurea's library for lore of the Startouch Elves, Amaya clears the air with Rayla. Karim meets a powerful potential ally.
5. "Archmage Akiyu" 41
ArchmageAkiyu Ezran convinces the group to look for an eccentric mage with critical information. Karim calls in a debt. Claudia tries to communicate with Viren.
6. "Bait & Switch" 42
Bait&Switch In search of seaworthy transportation, Rayla leads the way to an unsavory port town run by a cunning elf. Claudia takes a stand.
7. "Sea Legs" 43
SeaLegs The Ruthless sails into dangerous waters, with Finnegrin in hot pursuit. Queen Janai and her guards face a deadly infiltrator seeking the Sun Seed.
8. "Finnegrin's Wake" 44
FinnegrinsWake Held captive aboard the Sea Legs, Callum and his crew must dig deep to win their freedom. Janai faces her brother once again.
9. "Infantis Sanguine" 45
InfantisSanguine While Zubeia fights for her life and Viren arrives at a crossroads, the race toward Aaravos's prison leads those who seek him deep beneath the waves.


  • The official trailer for this season uses Adam Kevin Brown's and Lukas Gabriel Ledzki's track "Spirit of Triumph" from the album "Heroic Hybrid" as theme music.