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Kim'dael,[2] also known as the Bloodmoon Huntress, is an ancient Moonshadow Elf, who uses forbidden magic to prolong her own lifespan.[1]


The Bloodmoon Huntress is an attractive Moonshadow Elf with white skin, full red lips, and cross scars marking her right cheek and her forehead. Her eyes are colored in a piercing red, the left one hidden underneath a thick strand of hair. Her brown and golden horns point upward and the top of her left horn has been broken off. Her long hair, which reaches down to her chest and is braided off on the left side, is colored in white, with its tips dyed in purple streaks.

Her body is partly concealed by a red cloak and a fitting skirt, which she wears over a dark wine red dress. Her arms are covered by long-sleeved gloves, which are partly ripped. Her most notable features are long, red claws that replace her fingernails. Additionally, she wears long thigh-high boots colored in a grayish red. She also sports several golden accessories adorned with red gems.[1]


Kim'dael is a person who seeks power, no matter the means, relishing in the knowledge that her magic is superior to her enemy's. She has no qualms about sacrificing a life and shows no compassion for her victims.

Skills and Abilities

Moon Primal Connection

As a Moonshadow Elf, Kim'dael draws power from the Moon and is at her strongest at night, especially on the night of a full moon. Unlike other Moonshadow Elves, she is able to enter her Moonshadow Form outside of a full moon night.[3]

Forbidden Magic

Through the consumption of blood of still-living beings, Kim'dael is able to extend their her life span and enhance her magic.[2] Using the blood, she can conjure weapons that can change its form as needed. Additionally, her claws are capable of extending. The blood is usually stored in small vials. During the harvest moon, an enchanted altar assists in further enhancing her power.[3]


In addition to being able to conjure weapons, Kim'dael is an adept at close quarters combat, capable of fighting against Runaan, the leader of the Moonshadow assassins, and even landing a few hits as well.


A group of Moonshadow Elves once engaged in a forbidden practice, drinking the blood of still-living beings to extend their lives and enhance their magic. Their fellow elves shunned them, and eventually the blood-drinkers were hunted down and killed by their own kind. Kim'dael was the only survivor and became known as the "Bloodmoon Huntress".[2] This legend became widely known to the inhabitants of the Silvergrove.[3]

Bloodmoon Huntress

Kim'dael attacks a Skywing Elf caravan and captures its members inside a mausoleum in the Moonshadow Forest, where she plans to sacrifice them to consume their blood during the blood moon. When Suroh, a boy who managed to escape her, returns together with Rayla to help free his parents, she takes notice of the two children and chases Rayla through the forest after she steals one of Kim'dael's blood vials. She disposes of the nuisance by tossing Rayla into a river, before capturing Suroh once again inside her lair. After consuming a vial of blood, she prepares to finish her sacrificial ritual, where she is interrupted by Runaan and Ethari. Despite figthing with a force to be feared, she is bested by the pair and forced to retreat. However, she vows her eventual return on Xadia itself.[3]


  • Kim'dael's name is a combination of "Kim" and "Dael". "Kim" translates to "noble" or "brave" in Anglo-Saxon and "Dael" translates to "small valley" in Dutch.[4][5] Therefore, "Kim'dael" can be translated as "noble small valley" or "brave small valley".
  • Kim'dael's name was spelled as "Kimdael" in the "Bloodmoon Huntress" graphic novel, despite her initial name reveal in the Tales of Xadia handbook using an apostrophe in her name.