Venz412 Venz412 16 December 2020

The Dragon Prince Gregorian Birthday

I noticed that the characters of this show are aged and when based in the Gregorian calendar. Their birth age will be based by the year when their character is debuted.

Formula: Year they debut- Age= Their year of birth

  • Callum=July 15, 2003
  • Ezran: March 19, 2008
    • Novel: March 19, 2010
  • Rayla=July 31, 2003
  • Soren= January 19, 2000
    • Novel: January 19, 2001
  • Claudia=June 16, 2002
  • Gren= January 17, 1994
  • Corvus= November 3, 1998
  • Ellis= February 15, 2007
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Andrew20480 Andrew20480 8 May 2020

I wrote a fic about Kazi

'Beep'! Beep! Beep! Beep! Bee-

Kazi shut off the annoying alarm next to their bed. Every morning they woke up to the monotonous sound of their clock, and every morning it was just as annoying as the last. They groaned and sat up, protesting the bright sun that always encompassed the window. As they rubbed their eyes, they realized that they were late. A day of utmost importance, and they forgot! This was a first. Kazi jumped out of bed and immediately tripped on a shoe lying on the floor. As they undignifiedly recovered, they blushed, even though literally no one saw them.

Walking towards their bathroom, they splashed water on their face in an attempt to wake up. Hurrying as quickly as they could, they promptly threw on clothes, taking sligh…

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HereBeTheDragons HereBeTheDragons 2 May 2020

LEts go

YEAH! NOVEMBER 22 new season!

WHos pumped?

  • cricket sounds*
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Adveno Adveno 22 February 2019

Timeline - Theory

There’s not enough verifiable information yet so most of this is speculation. I will be editing this from time to time as more information comes out and maybe in the future this could be used as a basis for creating a lore/world_history page. At this point it is unknown how the people of this world keep time and how their date format works – or even if they keep time at all, that would explain why no one is sure about anything in this world. Either way everything below is with respect to the beginning of season 1.

  • 1 Over a 1000 Years ago
  • 2 1000 Years ago
  • 3 ~10ish years ago
  • 4 Less than or about 3 months ago

Xadia is one land. All of it is full of magic.

Humans feel as though they are treated unfairly/looked down on.

Aaravos is born, grows up gaining w…

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 18 February 2019

Elarion theory

I think Elarion was a half Elf, first let's look at our characters: Ezran must correct his dad's mistakes and make peace with Xadia, Claudia and I guess Soren will be correcting Viren's mistakes or maybe Soren will be correcting the humans' mistakes, Rayla's harder to place because there's three important Elves who's mistake she must correct: Runaan, Aaravos, and her parents so for now I'll say Elves in general, and Zym must correct his dad's mistakes. That leaves Callum, everyone else has someone's mistake on their shoulders except Callum. We're pretty certain Callum has Elven blood because not only can he do magic but if we assume that Sarai wasn't somehow there then Sarai might've been Callum's instincts in a form he was comfortable wit…

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Totally not Darkstalker Totally not Darkstalker 17 February 2019

I screamed theories for an hour for this. Enjoy!

I'll explain if you want, I'll explain my strange mind

Part 1: DnD

I like dnd. So I figured out wich class each elf might repersent.

  • Sky Elf - Fighter - Monk Class (Several air attacks, main weapon is fists/quarterstaff, and is mainly played by aarakoras [birbs])
  • Sun Elf - Tank - Paladin (Sun/Fire based attacks, can take a hit)
  • Star Elf - Mage - Sorcerer (Magic through origin)
  • Ocean Elf - Healer - Druid (I think their shapeshifters, creators associate water and healing
  • Moon Elf - Stealth - Rogue (Two main subclasses Assasians or Arcane Tricksters [ilusions])

Part 2: Earth Elves are Humans and I got proof.

The royal family of Katolis has exteremly weak earth elf blood. They talk to animals, fight to give more crops, sharp ears, earthy tones.  Earth …

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Steven Bomb 17 Steven Bomb 17 13 January 2019

Season 2 predictions

Ok everyone, season two is in five weeks. What are you're predictions for this season? Here's my list of predictions

1. At some point we're given a hint that either Ezran or Callum, or both, have some elven blood.

2. Rayla tells the princes what happened to their dad. It'll be heartbreaking but it needs to be done soon.

3. They hint at why Ez can talk to animals, if he doesn't have elven blood then there needs to be another reason.

4. We learn that Rayla's parents didn't betray their king and queen, probably from Zym through Ezran depending on his awareness inside the egg.

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RueNightshade RueNightshade 18 September 2018

Design Changes

Hello everybody,

I thought about making design changes to the wiki, which doesn't mean that I am planning to adopt the wiki, but rather just want to have access to the CSS. As Ineni suggested, I will now present the changes I plan on making:

  • Different Infobox Themes for different species (e.g. one for elves, one for humans, one for dragons, etc.). You can see an example here:
    Colors and fonts are always up to debate, and I am willing to take suggestions for them. I also plan on including a link to the history, relationships and gallery to the infobox, as it is the case here to make the wiki seem more structured and avoid a clutter of code that comes with the tabbers that are being used right now. Please note that the infobox preview website th…
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