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Barius[1] is a baker who lives in Katolis.


Barius is a corpulent, fair-skinned man with a round face and nose, and bushy, gray eyebrows. His chin counts four uneven beard hairs, while wrinkles form under his brown eyes as well as on his forehead. His clothes consist of a gray pullover, wine red pants that end slightly past his knees, a brown apron, and dark brown shoes. He wears a red beret on his head, which covers up his short, gray hair.


Originally, Barius appeared to be a grumpy fellow, who would be displeased whenever Ezran and Bait entered his bakery, seeing as they would cause nothing but trouble. He would scold both of them and get visibly angry.

However, after Ezran ascended the throne, Barius grew more gentle and welcoming, showing a certain kindness and understanding for the young king when approached with concerns. Seeing as he was willing to defend his kingdom, he is visibly loyal.

Skills and Abilities


As his job title suggests, Barius is an excellent baker, whose jelly tarts are known to be delicious.


Even though he is not trained to be a soldier, Barius can use jelly tarts to blind his enemies before bashing them with a rolling pin. His physical strength is enough to deliver debilitating head injuries to even enhanced soldiers, as the enemies he attacked were seen going down without much difficulty.


  • The name "Barius" is a Norwegian variation of the names "Baro" and "Bardo"[2], which translates to "free man" in Spanish or "baron" in Catalan and Hungarian.[3] It is also similar to the name "Darius", which translates to "possessing goodness" in French, Greek, and Persian.[4]
  • Barius's jelly tarts are based on hamantaschen.[5]
  • The very first credits image of the series shows Barius feeding Bait a tart and holding a finger to his mouth to indicate that it is their secret. This image later appears in Callum's Spellbook, along with a description of Callum having witnessed this scene.


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