Bait is a Glow Toad, who is Ezran's pet, companion, and best friend.


Bait is a stubby Glow Toad with blue eyes, a yellow hide spotted with turquoise patches, a particularly big one surrounding his left eye, and an underbelly of the same hue, ending in a long tail. He always wears a grumpy expression on his rather large face. Like a regular toad, Bait features an extraordinarily long tongue, which he can use to snatch objects, hidden behind sharp up pointing teeth. His four legs feature three black, sharp claws each. Changing with emotion, Bait's hide is capable of glowing and changing color, including yellow for neutral, red for angry, purple for nervous or stressed, green for terrified or jealous, gray for depressed or sad or sick, blue for regretful or sleepy, orange for happy or feeling loved, and pink for playful or embarrassed.[2][3]


Bait is grumpy all the time, and even more so when he is "hangry". He is also sneaky at times, proven by how he drank all of Rayla's moonberry juice without anyone noticing, until he was glowing brighter than ever before. Despite his grumpy demeanor, Bait can also be comforting and understanding towards others. This showed when he stayed by Callum's side while reading Harrow's letter, when Ezran wanted some alone time upon learning of his father's demise, as well as when he comforted Zym when he expresses concern over his mother. He also secretly loves belly rubs. Bait is also empathetic enough to use his glowing to assist in threatening scenarios to assist his comrades in mundane tasks, such as reading.

Since Glow Toads are used by deep-sea fishermen for fishing, they are terrified of water, unlike Bait who isn't afraid to get wet. Bait himself is blissfully unaware of this fact, hence his lack of fear of the water. However, a terrifying ordeal involving a giant fish awoke him to the dangers of the water.

At times, Bait has proven himself to be brave and helpful, as he tried to protect Zym from Viren and freed Rayla when Viren had encased her inside a burst of ice. He often expresses himself by croaking and is also known to growl when angered or irritated. He is fiercely loyal to Ezran and expressed his anger when Kasef was rude towards his best friend.

According to Callum, Bait is patient and never lashes out at danger unless provoked.[3]

Bait is Ezran's pet, companion, and best friend. Glow Toads are magical creatures that can shine bright in dark places but, as Bait's sour face suggests, they're also perpetually grumpy. Bait's skin changes colors to reflect his ever-shifting moods, displaying his full emotional range – grumpy and tired, grumpy and confused, grumpy and hungry...

—Official Description[4]

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As a Glow Toad, Bait draws power from the Sun. His body can glow at fluctuating levels of brightness. He can glow brightly enough to temporarily blind others. This is usually triggered by someone saying the phrase, "Say hello to my little friend". Bait has enough control over his luminosity to voluntarily glow at levels comfortable for the human eye to read at.

The way Bait glows and changes color depends on how he is feeling (e.g. lonely, hungry, angry, or hangry). Once, after consuming a great deal of moonberry juice, Bait's normally yellow skin turned a reddish, purplish berry color, while his turquoise spots glowed. Whilst frightened during an avalanche he causes with a loud burp, Bait turned green.


Bait has a chameleon-like tongue that is long and fast enough to retrieve three jelly tarts per second.


  • Bait was given to Ezran by his father Harrow, who named him in favor of a distasteful joke, as Bait's species is known for being delicious and used by deep-sea fishermen to catch giant fish.[5]
  • Bait wasn't born or hatched on June 26th. It's the day Harrow gave Bait to Ezran, marking his date of birth unknown, as he won't even tell Ezran which day it is, or even his age, even though he can understand animals. Ezran thinks that he is either very old or very grumpy.[6]
  • Bait appears before the opening of every episode during the display of the phrase "A Netflix Original Series" and states "Ba-bum" while turning red, in imitation of the normal sound effect that plays when the Netflix logo is shown. He is then shoved on top of the "Wonderstorm Pictures" logo which appears in its place, then studies the logo and pants.
  • Bait likes Ezran, jelly tarts, and belly rubs. He dislikes almost everything else, but he especially dislikes when Ezran pays more attention to Zym, as he is easily jealous but got over it eventually.[3] He also dislikes being called scared.[7]
  • Aaron Ehasz believes that Harrow owned Bait before Ezran was born. He also joked that Bait is one of the oldest living characters in the show.[8]
  • According to the artists, in Bait's early development, they described him as a "living, mostly grumpy mood ring."[9]




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