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Azymondias, nicknamed Zym, is a young Storm Dragon and the Dragon Prince, son to the late King Avizandum and Queen Zubeia. His egg had been believed to be destroyed shortly after his father was killed by both Viren and King Harrow,[4] but upon discovering his egg unharmed, Team Zym returned the young prince to his mother at the Storm Spire.[5] Zym is destined to become the most powerful creature in the world and the ruler of Xadia, but for now he is just a young dragon.



Azymondias is a young Storm Dragon, a quadrupedal kind of dragon with two large wings on their backs, sharing visible resemblance to his parents. Like his father, Avizandum, he is covered in light blue scales, while a thick and fluffy white mane grows around his head, and several horns protrude from between the hair. The skin of his wings, as well as the scales of his underbelly, are colored in a darker blue. Lighter, freckle-like spots decorate the outer ring around his big eyes. His irises appear in a saturated shade of blue, which are more similar to that of his mother, while his sclera are appearing in a tint of yellow. His feet are equipped with sharp, white claws, and a tuft of white fur grows from the tip of his tail. Two canine teeth are visible at the front of his long snout. As a hatchling, Zym was about the size of a small dog, only slightly larger than Bait.


From the day he was born, Zym has been very playful and highly inquisitive, as well as sweet and goofy.[6] He quickly formed an attachment to Bait and Ezran after the two helped him to adjust to his surroundings and quickly became a cuddly and trusting child who enjoys to show his affection. Zym is also empathetic, able to sense Rayla's pain when almost losing her hand to her Assassin's Binding, causing him to act in chewing the harmful artifact off of her.[7] Unlike other dragons, Zym is sympathetic towards humans, due to his attachment to them at an early age. Because of this, Callum described him to have a tender heart.[8] He also likes to express himself through body language, happy yips and frolicking, and licking faces affectionately. He is also described as curious, tentative, and bold in equal measures.[9]

Zym is very affectionate and loyal to those who protect him, though also easily disappointed when separated from his friends, like when Ezran left to return to his throne in Katolis.[10] As he has not been alive for very long yet, he easily frightened by those that mean harm, such as Claudia and Soren who tried to capture him,[11] or Nyx who tried to abduct him.[2] Despite negative experiences with Claudia and Soren, Zym does not seem to hold grudges, which was shown when he prevented Pyrrah from killing Soren.[12]

As a young dragon, Zym is still intimidated by the unknown or overwhelming, such as seeing the statue of his petrified father[4] or seeing his mother for the first time. He was eventually able to overcome his fears and courageously tried to wake up his mother with little success.[5] When his mother did awake, he was filled with joy. The two nuzzled each other with love and he zipped around her happily.[13] As Zym was often exposed to many dangerous situations, he started to eventually become braver and began to fight back whenever someone would harm him, electrocuting Nyx when she kidnapped him[2], and trying to stand up to Viren when attacked.[13]

Skills and Abilities

Sky Primal Connection

As a Storm Dragon like his parents, Azymondias draws power from the Sky Primal and is at his strongest at high altitudes or inside a storm. From his early life on, Zym possessed extraordinary magical abilities. He can generate and shoot lightning from his mouth, as well as survive the full strike of a lightning bolt without receiving any injuries.[1] When Zym and his friends climbed the Storm Spire for the first time, he suffered no effects from the high altitude.[14] Like his father, Zym's eyes will occasionally glow blue when using his abilities. However, his ability to control lightning has been described as chaotic and ineffectual.[9]

Magic Resistance

Zym could resist the siphoning spell that is cast by Viren to an extent, even if it was still slowly draining his life force.[13] He was also able to chew off Rayla's binding, which was initially thought to be indestructible, as it could not be removed by any means other than Rayla fulfilling her oath to the mission of killing Ezran.[7]

Physical Attributes

Even as a hatchling, Zym was already strong enough to leap onto and pin Ezran down with his feet.[15]


Zym initially had trouble with learning how to fly at his very young age, although he eventually managed to understand how to move his wings correctly after a telepathic encouragement from Ezran.[15] Not soon after, he was already able to fly confidently.

Telepathic Connection

Zym is able to receive instructions from Ezran through a telepathic connection formed between the pair.[15]


  • Zym's name may be a reference to Ozymandias, the Greek name to the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. The name "Ozymandias" is also the title of a famous poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley, in which a traveler comes across a broken stone statue in the desert. This has certain parallels to Zym's father Avizandum, who was also turned into a stone statue.
  • Zym knew his name upon his hatching because Zubeia always lovingly whispered his name to his egg.[16]
  • Zym likes running in circles, sniffing flowers, and napping with Ezran. He dislikes heights, but he seems to get braver every day. He also has a big appetite.[17]
  • Previous designs of Zym considered him with a purple or an orange mane.[9]
  • Zym's poses and movements were inspired by real-life baby animals.[9]
  • The iridescent glimmer of real-life fire opals was the primary inspiration for Zym's egg.[9]
  • Zym's nest where he laid as an egg was made out of moss and flowers.[9]
  • Zym is confirmed to be growing up during the course of the show, though it was not specified whether he would learn to talk.[18]


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