Annika and Neha were the former queens of Duren and mothers of Aanya. They both faced a tragic death during a mission to retrieve the heart of a Magma titan.


Annika has short white hair with split bangs and sideburns that reach past her shoulders and onto her chest. She also has dark blue eyes and a white scar going through the left side of her face. Her cheeks are rosy, especially near the ocular area and she wears white lipstick. Contrasting her wife, Annika has a tan skin color.

As for her outfit, it consists of a black, long-sleeved armor shirt with gold embroidery on the chest area. A circlet-like crown lays under her bang with an indigo circle in the center and pins sticking out at the top. Supposedly "ceremonial" hair comes from the back of the crown. It is a blue-black color and becomes a clearer, yellowish color at the end of each bang. Both of those are also tied. Finally, a black sword can be seen on her back, a weapon which fits her color palette, and is one-handed.

Neha's appearance stands in stark contrast to Annika's. She possesses darker skin, as well as dark brown hair tied in small beads on her chest and blue makeup. Her clothes are a deep shade of blue and gold, and the flower motif on them appears to be somewhat different compared to the one Annika has. Neha also seems to wear additional armor, using more extensive shoulder protections and a neckplate to protect herself. Nevertheless, the "ceremonial" hair and the crown is a shared feature between the two of them


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Book Two - Sky


  • Annika and Neha were designed by Hypherrr.[1]
  • Annika's name means "grace".[2]
  • Neha's name is sanskrit for "Love".[3]



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