General Amaya is the maternal aunt of Callum and Ezran. She is deaf and communicates through sign language.[2] Her close friend and trusted lieutenant Gren often serves as her sign language interpreter. She is the leader of the Standing Battalion, one of Katolis' most powerful armies, keeping constant guard at the border.[3]


Amaya has short, dark brown hair. She has dark brown eyes and a fair complexion. She also has a scar below her right eye that was inflicted by a Magma titan. She is usually seen wearing full armor, with a large shield on her back.


Renowned for her iron will and ferocity in battle, Amaya is one of the highest-ranking Generals in the army of Katolis. She’s both an immovable object and an unstoppable force: in a fight, she’s more likely to use her shield like a battering ram. Nevertheless, she’s fiercely protective of her nephews, Callum and Ezran. Amaya is often accompanied by Gren, her most trusted lieutenant and sign language interpreter.

—Official Description [4]
Amaya is seen as a warm, caring and strong woman who deeply cares about her family and is willing to fight to protect them. She is also incredibly loyal to her late sister, Sarai, as she becomes a mother-like figure to Callum and Ezran in Sarai's place, placing their safety and wellbeing above all else.

She is an iron-fisted commander with a deep hatred for Xadia.[3] In battle, she adopts a confident and intimidating nature - an attribute best demonstrated in her fight with Rayla, during which she mercilessly attacks the elf with her shield.

Skills and Abilities


Amaya is deaf, so she communicates with others using sign language. She is highly skilled at reading lips, as shown by her ability to understand others without the use of sign language.


In battle, Amaya is immensely strong and brutal, often using her shield as a sort of battering ram to deliver blunt attacks to her foes. Consequently, her fighting style can be somewhat destructive, as she leveled an entire game room in the process of fighting and subduing Rayla.


  • It is unknown if Amaya was born deaf or if she lost her hearing later in her life.
  • To shape Amaya's character in an authentic way, the creators and show runners spent a lot of time talking with people they know are deaf or hard of hearing, as well as contacting several organizations that raise awareness around deafness or support deaf people. When they produced the episodes, they used two ASL interpreters, Lucy Farley and Darcie Kerr, to make sure that Amaya's communication was accurate, authentic and emotional.[5]
  • Amaya and her older sister, Sarai, are of Asian equivalent Katolian heritage.[6]
  • Amaya is a a given name and surname of Spanish origins that means "mother" and hypothesized to be derived from the Proto-Basque or Basque word Amaia, meaning "the end". Amaya is also a japanese surname that is usually written with characters meaning "heavenly valley"[7] Some sources also claim that it is a Japanese name that means "night rain".[8][9]
  • For season three, the showrunners decided to have her gloves lightened for the sake of her fingers being easier to read.[10]


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