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Allen[1] is a man who challenged Tristan to a battle in the village near the Cursed Caldera, while Team Zym passed through.[2] He is currently in a relationship with Lujanne.[1][3]


Allen is a corpulent man with tan skin and light brown hair, which is tied back into a bun, fuzzy eyebrows of the same color, and a beard that features four individual braids at the bottom. He has a big, prominent nose, dark brown eyes, as well as big ears. He is seen wearing a white and brown shirt with dark sleeves, with a belt thrown over his shoulder and wrapping around his torso, as well as silver plate armor covering his left shoulder. His pants are black with dark boots that have a lighter colored base, and they are protected by an armor plate as well. Accessories include a brown coat with white fur sown on the edges that lay on his shoulders and a sheath for the sword that he carries on his back.


Despite his initial feisty appearance, Allen has soft side, seeing as he starts to cry when being made fun of, but also believes that there is no shame in crying in public. He also fancies Lujanne, whom he courted with a flower before helping her scare Team Zym with an illusion. He is also willing to help Team Zym in reconstructing the Moonhenge under the guise of it being a surprise for Lujanne.[1]

Skills and Abilities


Allen is a skilled carpenter and is able to construct detailed and large wood pieces.[1]

Sword Skills

Allen is able to swing a rather large and heavy sword, which he uses as a weapon.[2]


  • The name "Allen" translates to "harmony", "stone", "noble", "handsome", or "fair" in Celtic.[4]
  • Allen appears in the credit images of "Heroes and Masterminds" and "Dragonguard", where he offers Lujanne a flower, while she is wearing a human disguise created by a spell.[5][6]


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