Ahling is the king of the proud and prosperous nation of Neolandia. His wealth and privilege have shielded him from the toughest decisions in life, but he is a kind man who loves his many children, including the late Kasef, more than anything.[1] During a failed assassination attempt by one of Viren's resurrected Moonshadow Elf Assassins, Ahling was critically wounded and is currently in a coma.[2][3]


Ahling is an aged man with graying black hair and beard, a dark complexion and hazel eyes. He wears a greenish-brown and white long coat over a black tunic, both accented with gold and sporting a triangle-based pattern. He also wears a pair of gray pants and a waist sash and shoes both colored black with gold accents.


Ahling is shown to be very laid back and has a sense of humor that prompts him to make jokes. He is also a very kind and sympathetic man, as well as a loving father to his children.

Book Two - Sky

Breaking the Seal

King Ahling attends the council of monarchs called by Viren. While Aanya's credibility as a queen of her age is questioned by Viren, Ahling admits that she knows even more official terms than his nineteen-year-old son, Kasef, whom he claims still struggles against eating his vegetables. He witnesses the mage's illusions of a potential Xadian threat, and when proposed with an alliance agrees to form one, if all other leaders would agree in unity.

Heart of a Titan

Ahling listens to the rest of Viren's story about Annika and Neha's death, as he had to interrupt for a bathroom break before. After hearing Aanya's points against war, he has to admit that he no longer feels an attack to be necessary.

Book Three - Sun

The Crown

Following his return home, Ahling is attacked and critically wounded by the elven assassins that were resurrected by Viren, requiring his eldest son, Prince Kasef, to assume the crown.


  • The name "Ahling" translates to "spirit" or "soul" in Chinese (阿 灵). It also translates to "bell" or "chime" (阿 铃).[4][5]
  • A scrapped design of Ahling later served as the base design for his eldest son, Kasef.[1]


Book Two - Sky




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