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Adoraburrs are a species of small, fuzzy magical creatures, with six subspecies that correspond to each of the Primal Sources.[1] They are commonly found in the Moonshadow Forest.


Adoraburrs are small in size and are shaped like a fuzzy ball with two large eyes and a mouth. Their fur comes in all colors and different patterns, while their eyes are black.



Adoraburrs are highly communal creatures that can thrive in almost any Xadian ecosystem, but they are primarily found just east of The Border in the shady comfort of the Moonshadow Forest. Multiple Adoraburrs tend to latch onto larger creatures to travel long distances, particularly on the clothes or hair of travelers.[2]

Moonshadow Elves are particularly fond of Adoraburrs and allow their children to play with them.[3]

Skills and Abilities


Adoraburrs can stick to each other, as well as other objects, and it is possible to stack them.


  • Adoraburrs are currently the only known creatures next to dragons and elves that can be connected to each of all six Primal Sources.



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