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Aditi was a Sunfire Elf and a former queen of Lux Aurea. She was the grandmother of Khessa, Janai, and Karim.[1] The circumstances of her death are unknown, but Aaravos appears to have knowledge of it, which he shared with Khessa before killing her.[2]


Aditi was a dark-skinned Sunfire Elf with chocolate brown, braided hair that reached past her chest and was held together by golden rings. She had dark lips and golden markings below her golden eyes. Her ears featured the characteristic pointed ends found in elves and bent upwards while carrying two thin, plate-like earrings on each ear. Her attire consisted of the common dark and light red Sunfire Elf armor, which was protected through golden plates carried on shoulders, arms, and boots. Aditi wore a crown on her head, as well as a golden belt wrapped around her waist, and black gloves on her hands. Her weapon, a Sunforge sword, was attached to the left side of her belt.


Aaravos derisively remarked to Khessa that she was similar to Aditi in personality, having found Khessa's arrogance to be predictable, whilst being able to use that characteristic to his advantage.[2]

Skills and Abilities

Sun Primal Connection

As a Sunfire Elf, Aditi drew power from the Sun and was at her strongest when the sun is at its highest during noon.


Aditi carried a Sunforge sword with her, which she likely used in combat.


  • The name "Aditi" has several origins and meanings. Aditi is a Vedic goddess in Hinduism, the personification of the infinite. She is the goddess of the sky, consciousness, the past, the future, and fertility. She is the mother of the celestial deities, the Adityas. The Bhagavata Purana lists a total of twelve Adityas as Sun-gods. In each month of the year, a different Aditya is said to shine.[3] Aditi also shares a similarity with "Hadithi", which is Swahili for "story", "legend", and "fable".[4]
    • The name, Aditya, in the singular, is taken to refer to the Sun God, Surya.
  • Given the fact that Aaravos witnessed her death, which was likely before his banishment into the magic mirror, it can be assumed that Aditi was centuries old, seeing as Sunfire Elves have a long lifespan.[5]


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