Aaravos was born at a yet unknown point during the Era of the first elves,[1] dating back 5000 years before the birth of the Dragon Prince. He is an ancient Startouch Elf and an Archmage, who has a complicated relationship with humanity, elves, and dragons.[2] Little is known about Aaravos's early life. He was able to master the magic of all six Primal Sources and dark magic, and he possessed the "Key of Aaravos", a magical cube that unlocks a great power inside Xadia. He presumably was an acquaintance of the former Sunfire Queen Aditi and claims to know the circumstances of her death.[3]

After the abandonment of the city of Elarion by other elves, Aaravos aided the city's inhabitants, saving them from extinction. In a poem found in the library of Katolis, he was implied to have contributed to the rise of dark magic within the city and is glorified as its savior and benefactor.[4] He was also present when the elves exiled the human race from Xadia.[5]

Being approximately 5000 years old, Aaravos played a significant enough part in history to be mentioned in several history books. However, at some point, he became so infamous, that others attempted to erase those mentions of him.[6] When Viren attempted to read about Aaravos in a history book, the pages about him magically became unreadable.[7]


When Avizandum became King of the Dragons, he imprisoned Aaravos in an area behind a magic mirror; a feat that required some collaboration between Archdragons and elves.[8] In most circumstances, the mirror would appear like an ordinary, reflective mirror, which ensured that others could not look into the mirror and see or communicate with Aaravos. Avizandum and his mate, Zubeia, kept the mirror in their lair within the Storm Spire, and it remained closer to where they slept than any of their other possessions. After Viren and Harrow killed Avizandum, Viren ransacked his lair and brought the mirror back to Katolis.[9] Unaware of who Aaravos was or that the mirror trapped him, Viren and Claudia began casting numerous spells on the mirror in attempts to uncover its purpose, at first without success.[10]

Despite Aaravos being trapped behind the mirror and erased from history books, he was never completely forgotten. At some point, the Key of Aaravos came into the possession of the royal family of Katolis, and Harrow knew that it was once owned by Aaravos, an elven Archmage and master of all Primal Sources. When Runaan saw the magic mirror, he appeared to immediately recognize its significance and expressed that Viren had indeed found a fate worse than death.[11]

Literary Mentions

Aaravos is mentioned in the history books of Katolis. However, upon attempting to read the collected information, the pages magically become distorted before anyone can read them.

Midnight Star


 Elarion, trembling seedling
 Lying on the ground on an icy night.
 And in the cold
 She pulled her roots
 Defying the deadly winter bite.
 Elarion, and her open flower,
 Afraid of wilt, darkness and death,
 She searched the darkness
 For a Spark
 And caught the eyes of a hungry dragon.
 Elarion, the fearful fool,
 Reached her white branches toward the night,
 Asking the stars
 To receive their light
 And stop the fire of the raging dragon.
 Elarion, a heavy body,
 Cried as the stars of the sky turned to black,
 They turned their backs
 They concealed their light,
 They left Elarion to die.
 Elarion, her shell struggled death,
 She withered and suffered in darkness,
 Until the last star
 Linked from afar:
 a fire, a gift, a spark.
 Elarion, with her pure whiteness,
 Embraced the great black night flame.
 When she bent down,
 She declared her faith,
 She whispered, "Aaravos," his name.

 Elarion, black-eyed child,
 Her twisted roots spread deep and far,
 The humans’ might
 Sparked by the light
 Of Aaravos, her midnight star.[12]



Danish Page of Aaravos-0.jpg
"Finally he told me his name. I had never heard a name like his. But I had also never imagined an elf like him. He is stronger, older, and wiser than any other magical creature in Xadia. Despite that, he is a friend to all humans. Where others look down on us, calls us inferior, he sees great potential in us. When we accept the gifts that Aaravos has promised us, they will pay for their conceitedness, they will be forced to see us as equals. And when we are equals, we can take our fate into our own hands and build our future.

I see it before me in my dreams, and grand, glorious city. The pride of all of humanity. A place where we are no longer forced to hide, pale and frostbitten, from the prejudices of elves and dragons. A place that can stand against any abuse/assault, and stand in the history of mankind for generations. It will not be easy, but with help from our benefactor..."

"Endelig fortalte han mig sit navn. Jeg havde aldrig hørt et navn som hans.
Men jeg havde heller aldrig forestillet mig en elver som ham. Han er stærkere, ældre og visere end noget andet magisk væsen i Xadia.
Alligevel er han en ven for alle mennesker. Hvor andre ser ned på os, kalder os underlegen, ser han stort potentiale i os.
Når vi tager imod foræringerne Aaravos har lovet os, skal de betale for deres indbildskhed de vil være tvunget til at se os som ligeværdige.
Og når vi er ligeværdige kan vi tage vores skæbne i egne hænder og bygge vores fremtid.
Jeg ser det for mig i mine drømme, og storslået glorværdig---"

Danish parts missing.

History Book

A history book page about Aaravos is featured inside The Art of The Dragon Prince.


Of all Primal Sources, the stars are the most mysterious. No other creatures except Startouch Elves have understood the Star Arcanum and, unlike other primal sources, human mages have exhausted themselves by just trying to express the concept in words. The study of the stars is made more difficult by the scarcity of magical creatures connected to the stars. The only known creatures connected to the stars are the mysterious Startouch Elves and the rare, fascinating unicorns.

Dark mages have tried to hunt the unicorns to better understand their power, but their stellar magic and their devious cunning make them almost impossible to hunt.

As for Startouch Elves, there is very little trace of their existence in Xadian literature. They seem evasive, inscrutable, distant from the rest of elvish society. No Startouch Elf has ever been seen by humans - except one.

Known by many names in ancient stories - "The Fallen Star", the last of the great ones, the bearer of gifts. But his real name was Aaravos.

Words mentioning his name have been truncated since the time of the great schism, although there are disagreements about his role in historical events. Some describe him as a beneficent figure, an ally of humanity, willing to share his great magical power with those who needed it the most. Other portray him as...[13]

"Delle sei Sorgenti Primitive, le stelle sono le più misteriose. Nessun'altra creatura al di fuori degli elfi Toccodistella ha compreso l'arcano delle stelle, e, a differenza delle altre sorgenti primitive, i maghi umani hanno faticato anche solo ad esprimerne il concetto a parole. Lo studio delle stelle è reso più difficile dalla scarsità di creature magiche collegate alle stelle. Le uniche creature delle stelle note sono i misteriosi elfi Toccodistella e i rari, affascinanti unicorni. I maghi oscuri hanno cercato di dare la caccia agli unicorni per capire meglio il loro potere, ma la loro magia stellare e la loro subola astuzia li rende quasi impossibili da cacciare. Per quanto riguarda gli elfi Toccodistella, è rimasta ben poca traccia della loro esistenza nella letteratura Xadian, sembrano evasivi, inscrutabili, distanti dal resto della società elfica. Nessun elfo Toccodistella è mai stato visto da esseri umani - eccetto uno.

Conosciuto con molti nomi nelle storie antiche - la stella caduta, l'ultimo dei grandi, il portatore di doni, ma il suo vero nome era Aaravos.

Testi che menzionano il suo nome sono stati trovati dai tempi del grande scisma, anche se i racconti sono in disaccordo riguardo il suo ruolo negli eventi storici. Alcuni lo dipingono come una figura benefica, un alleato dell'umanità disposto a condividere il suo grande potere magico con coloro che ne avevano bisogno, altri lo ritraggono come..."[14]

Book One - Moon

Echoes of Thunder

Aaravos serves as the narrator of the story and appears in a flashback, as the humans are exiled to the western half of the continent.

Book Two - Sky

Smoke and Mirrors

Viren, having discovered that the mirror's secrets can be revealed in the darkness, places himself in front of the mirror and waits for something to occur. When he later falls asleep, Aaravos lights a fire in the fireplace. Viren wakes to see this and the Startouch Elf returns to the room. Aaravos briefly searches for a book on his bookshelf, then retreats to the unknown outside. After a while, he returns again and approaches the mirror on his side. Viren raises a hand, and so does the elf, but only to fix his cloak. This allows Viren to deduce that the mirror acts like a normal one for Aaravos. Eventually, Aaravos is shown reading out a large and heavy book. Afterward, he uses sun magic to extinguish the candles, and turns to the mirror, prompting Viren to stand up. When he puts out the fire with sun magic as well, the mirror allows him to see its other side. Aaravos then places a hand on the glass, which alerts Viren to his awareness of him.

Voyage of the Ruthless

Aaravos, having seen Viren through the mirror, prepares a mystic ritual. He places a desk near the mirror and sets a box on it, then takes out its contents to show Viren - a goblet, a cloth, some thread, a rock, a bowl and pestle, and a fine dagger. He waves his hand over them, indicating he wants Viren to find them. When he does so, Aaravos begins sewing a strange rune onto the cloth, and Viren imitates the motion, saying he has never seen it before. Then, using some kind of telekinesis, the Startouch Elf allows it to float in the air, while he paints the rune, allowing him to create some sort of purple magic on his side of the mirror. Next, he takes the rock and breaks it in two while covering it with the rune cloth, while Viren matches the action with the pestle. Next, the two grind up the amethyst-like gems inside and pour them in the goblet to make a potion. Aaravos raises it as if to make a toast, then drinks. After Viren reluctantly does so, Aaravos holds his hand over the goblet and touches the knife to his palm. However, Viren, unsure if the elf is trustworthy, hesitates to do the same, and leaves the room to think. When the human mage later returns, instead of performing the ritual with Aaravos, he instead covers the mirror with a blanket.

Fire and Fury

When Aaravos re-enters his study, he finds Viren waiting on the other side of the mirror, ready to finish the ritual. They both cut their palms and let their drops of blood fall into their respective pots before Aaravos releases a caterpillar-like creature from his mouth and drops it in the pot, transporting it to Viren's side. The caterpillar then crawls up to Viren's ear, and Aaravos' voice issues from it, requesting the human speak so he might hear him. Startled, Viren asks for Aaravos' name. Ignoring his question, Aaravos expresses his relief at finally hearing another voice and asks how he might serve him.

The Book of Destiny

Now able to converse, Viren asks for Aaravos' name, but the Startouch Elf insists it to be irrelevant. Viren subsequently inquires as to Aaravos' current location, which he claims not to know. The human assumes Aaravos to be lying, which he denies. As he bandages his hand, Viren states to have found the mirror in the lair of the Dragon King and Queen, speculating that the mirror and Aaravos were of importance to them. Aaravos admits it was a possibility and asks what Viren needs of him, finally telling his name when pressed. Aaravos caterpillar is then placed into a jar.

Viren eventually returns to the mirror, demanding to know why every book with Aaravos' name distorted as soon as he looked at it, but the Startouch Elf gestures that he can not hear him without the caterpillar. Once he releases the creature, Viren demands a reason to trust him, to which Aaravos replies that he shouldn't deliver one...yet.


Viren threatens to destroy the mirror, throw it in a river, and cut Aaravos off forever. The elf promises he wouldn't, suspecting that Viren is too curious and hungry for knowledge and powers that he could provide. Aaravos offers to earn his trust, suspecting that Viren desires something very badly, yet he is faced with opposition. Viren confesses that he feels ignored by the rulers of the other Human Kingdoms who fail to hear the importance of his warnings, so Aaravos suggests they get their attention.

As night falls, Viren is preparing a ritual to create smoke elves to terrorize the other Human Kingdoms, as Aaravos tells him that his attempt to win over the Pentarchy with loyalty and friendship had failed and thus his only resort is to use fear.

As Viren returns to his quarters, Aaravos warns him that the Crownguard is coming to arrest him and orders the mage to follow his instructions to the letter. Aaravos then channels his magic through Viren against the Crownguard, killing several, before the mage is hit in the leg with an arrow. As Opeli readies her archers, Aaravos orders Viren to stand down, despite his ally's insistence that he could win. Suddenly, Aaravos vanishes from the mirror and his power is cut off, resulting in Viren being captured. Viren accuses Aaravos of betrayal, but the elf assures him he will stay with him as his caterpillar crawls within the human's ear.

Book Three - Sun


Aaravos whispers into Viren's ear to get up, seeing as he has visitors approaching. To change his appearance from his true form to a healthy look, Aaravos sends a Sunray Monarch to Viren, which changes his appearance. After Claudia and Soren arrive in the cell and Claudia confronts Viren about his intention to have his son kill the princes, Aaravos warns him not to tell the truth and possibly lose her, as he would need his daughter later on.

The Midnight Desert

Inside Viren's prison cell, Aaravos forces his eye open in his caterpillar form, claiming that he is preparing the mage for greatness, and instructs him to be still while he forms a web over the open eye. Once finished, Aaravos' elf form is visible to Viren, allowing him to better serve him.

Heroes and Masterminds

Aaravos quietly watches a conversation between Claudia and Viren, where Viren regains the trust of his daughter, then praises him for a job well done, as she is a useful "asset" for their plans. After being corrected that she is not an asset, but Viren's daughter, Aaravos smirks.


Aaravos talks to Viren before being interrupted by Soren, who asks if he should squish the elf's caterpillar form. After being informed that Viren considers it a pet, Aaravos is dubbed a "little bug-pal" by Soren. Aaravos overhears the conversation and mockingly asks his partner in crime if their relationship had grown to the level of becoming pals, without much response from Viren. When the Archmage sits to rest on his illusionary horse, he wishes to learn how a simple human managed to bring down the Dragon King, seeing as he was known as the most powerful creature in the world. When Viren tells him how Avizandum had been slain, Aaravos listens observantly.

Aaravos is delighted about the outcome of the story and tells him that Avizandum is the reason why he has been imprisoned for centuries, though he doesn't know where his prison resides. Viren believes the prison to be rather odd, but the Star elf guarantees him that being locked away into the mirror is anything but pleasant.

Hearts of Cinder

Viren inquiries with Aaravos what their next plans are, to which the Startouch Elf replies that he only serves to fulfill Viren's dreams. These dreams turn out to be the flourishing of humanity and its bright future, rather than the wish to become Xadia's conqueror. However, Aaravos informs Viren that inevitably, conquering the nation cannot be avoided and that their aim focuses on killing Zubeia, as well as capturing Azymondias, as his essence may serve as an incomparable source of power. Before they could slay their enemies, however, they have business inside Lux Aurea, the capital of the Sunfire Elves. Since Viren can not fathom how they could defeat the stronghold without sacrificing an abundance of men, Aaravos reassures him that only one life has to be sacrificed: Viren's.

Aaravos has Viren pretend to know about the fate of Aditi, the grandmother of Khessa, the current Sunfire Queen, which grants them entrance to the city. While Viren is exposed to the Sunforge to rid him of any dark magic traces, Aaravos emerges from the mage’s throat and leaps onto the Sunfire High Priest, biting him in the neck, corrupting not only the staff but the Primal Stone of the Sunforge as well. Now visible to the rest of the elves, he mocks Khessa's arrogance and foolishness, which resembles the mistakes of her grandmother, who lead him to the source of power once before after trusting his vessel. Aaravos steps closer to Khessa, teasing with her grandmother’s fate, before whispering something inaudible into her ear, leaving Khessa shocked, before a flick of his finger causes the Sunfire Queen to disintegrate.

Aaravos hands the staff over to Viren and returns to their camp with him, where he witnesses Viren's army adapt to the newly obtained power.


Aaravos travels to the Storm Spire on Viren's shoulder.

The Final Battle

While passing the petrified body of Avizandum and approaching the Storm Spire, Aaravos prepares Viren for his intention to teach him how to harness Azymondias' essence, which would allow Viren to transcend beyond the capabilities of his human form.

During the big battle against the allied forces, Aaravos remains on Viren's shoulder, where he witnesses the events unfold. Eventually, he sneaks inside the dragon lair together with the mage, where Azymondias is eventually chased and cornered on the Storm Spire's pinnacle. Through a dark magic spell, Aaravos enables Viren to harness the desired essence and proves almost successful even when Rayla ambushes them. Aaravos manages to react just in time before the assassin can attack Viren, and blocks her by using Viren's body to disarm the elf with a spell. However, he fails to predict Rayla's decision to tackle Viren off the edge of the pinnacle and is thrown off with the mage's body, where he is eventually separated from Viren mid-air.

After Claudia had revived her father and had hidden him away inside a cave, Aaravos is shown to have entered metamorphosis inside a cocoon, which is described by Claudia to be changing.



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